Html Beautifier

Indentation size
Indentation character
Indent with tabs, overrides size and character
End output with newline
Preserve line-breaks
Number of line-breaks to be preserved in one chunk
Indent and sections
Maximum characters per line (0 disables)
Indent wrapped attributes to after N characters (ignored if wrap-attributes is "aligned")
List of tags to be considered inline tags
List of tags (defaults to inline) that should not be reformatted
List of tags (defaults to pre) whose content should not be reformatted
List of tags (defaults to [head,body,/html] that should have an extra newline before them.

Format Ugly Looking HTML code to make it human readable form. As the name explains, this Online HTML Beautifier lets you beautify, format HTML code in realtime. Just paste your code, click the Beautify button to beautify your HTML code. Export formatted code into .html file via export option.