Js Beautifier

Indentation size
Indentation character
Indent with tabs, overrides size and character
End output with newline
Initial indentation level
Preserve line-breaks
Number of line-breaks to be preserved in one chunk
Add padding spaces within paren, ie. f( a, b )
Add a single space inside empty paren, ie. f( )
Enable jslint-stricter mode
Add a space before an anonymous function's parens, ie. function ()
Don't indent chained method calls
Break chained method calls across subsequent lines
Preserve array indentation
Decode printable characters encoded in xNN notation
Wrap lines at next opportunity after N characters
Pass E4X xml literals through untouched
Put commas at the beginning of new line instead of end

Welcome to FreeSSL.PK, Online JS Beautifier. This page lets you beautify unformatted Javascript code in real-time. Make your code human readable by adding proper formatting with our free JS Formatter tool. Just enter your JS code into the above field, click the Beautify button to start the process. Export your formatted code into a .js file with export option.